Last weekend, we went to Nevada

Last weekend, we took the Dignity of Work Tour to Nevada, and team, Connie and I were blown away by all the amazing people we met.

We kicked off the trip at a meeting with the sisters and brothers of Unite Here. We loved the mural outside the culinary workers union hall.

The energy inside the room was incredible. Every time I’m in a union hall, I’m reminded of the progress we’ve made. Together, we’ve passed worker safety laws and overtime pay. We’ve banned child labor. We’ve enacted Medicare and Social Security. Those fights started in rooms like these.

Of course, there’s more work ahead of us to make this a country where everyone has a chance to get ahead.

Jasmine’s story is a powerful example of that. We met Jasmine and her daughter, Jaelyn, in Las Vegas. Before having Jaelyn, Jasmine was working four jobs at minimum wage, without paid vacation or parental leave.

No one should be juggling four jobs just to put food on the table.

This is why we should expand the child tax credit and raise the minimum wage to $15. It’s also why we should make it easier for workers to join unions, so they can join together to bargain for fair pay and benefits.

But change like that doesn’t happen on its own. It happens when we come together in union halls and church basements, when we speak up and demand better from our government.

Spending time in Nevada reminded me of the change that’s possible when we work for it. Together, I know we can show this country that there’s dignity in work — and that our government should stand with workers every day. If you’re with me, I hope you’ll consider pitching in a few dollars to support this movement.

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