Sherrod Brown - May 10, 2017

Sherrod Brown For USA Today: Donald Trump and Marine Le Pen are fake populists

  • Populism does not divide our society into these people here or those people over there. It doesn’t fan resentments and exploit grievances. Populism never excludes based on race or gender or religion.  It doesn’t appeal to some by pushing others down; it embraces everyone.
  • Populism speaks out against a church shooting, or a threat against a Jewish center, or the bombing of a mosque. A populist stands in solidarity against all acts of hate.
  • Populism is a belief that you build the economy from the middle class out, not by demanding tax cuts for the most affluent, with the long-discredited argument that prosperity will trickle down.
  • Populism is a trade policy that puts American workers and small businesses first but never pits foreign workers against our country’s workers. We never confuse populism and jingoism.
  • Populism doesn’t preach hate. Populism preaches hope – hope that all workers will have the opportunity to build better lives for their families. I hear that same hope all over Ohio, from the young, diverse workers at a software company outside of Cleveland, to coal country, where people aren’t willing to give up on their hometowns.

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