Nina Burleigh - December 13, 2018

Newsweek: Working Class Hero: Does Sherrod Brown Have the Recipe to Beat Donald Trump in 2020?

  • Sherrod Brown is having a moment. The Democratic senator and progressive stalwart from Ohio easily won a third term in November as Republicans swept the state’s constitutional offices and maintained their edge in House seats. His victory in an increasingly red state stands as proof, he says, that “progressives can win, and win decisively, in the heartland.”
  • Democrats hope so. After losing Ohio—and white working-class voters—to Donald Trump two years ago, some party strategists and political pundits now see Brown as a potential presidential contender and his successful Senate campaigns as the blueprint for 2020.
  • He campaigned in Ohio on what he terms the “dignity of work,” a political philosophy and a wide-ranging set of pro-labor policies. He advertises that he wears suits made within 10 miles of his house in Cleveland and drives an American-made Jeep Cherokee. On his lapel, he wears a pin shaped like a yellow canary, the bird that coal miners once carried into the pits to detect dangerous gases in the days before government safety regulations.

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