A real national emergency

In just the last year, 1,200 kids have been shot—too often in communities of color that get ignored. Gun violence is a real national emergency.

President Trump’s own tax law encourages companies like GM to close factories, eliminate jobs, and ship work overseas, while thousands of Americans pay the price. That’s a real national emergency.

The opioid epidemic has claimed thousands of lives in Ohio, killing 11 people every day. President Trump called that a national emergency, but has done very little about it.

Trump says he doesn’t believe climate change is real, even though it is one of the greatest moral threats we face. Climate change is a real national emergency.

Bridges across this country are structurally deficient. Roads are in need of repair. Communities are being poisoned by their own water. That’s a real emergency.

More than a million hardworking truck drivers, miners, and others are at risk of losing the retirement they earned because of Wall Street greed. That’s an emergency.

As a country, these are real emergencies we face every day. Trump does nothing about them. But now, like a child who again has failed to get his way, he is trying to ignore the Constitution to build his unnecessary wall.

Donald Trump is the real national emergency.

If you agree, make your voice heard now.

With gratitude,


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